Dedicated team with optimizers, designers & account serving people providing first class mobile marketing & media service.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Consultancy service on mobile marketing & the latest mobile technology support for marketers

Programmatic Media Buying

Our optimizer team through RTB & programmatic platform to strive for the best ROI of marketing campaigns

HTML 5 Production

Support to tailor made your HTML 5 mobile media & site to engage your target audience

Mobile Analytics & Optimization

A mobile application/ campaign tracking service to drive your campaign keep on-going success.


Programmatic media buying on over 200,000+ apps & mobile sites including display , rich media, video & native ads

Massive Reach

Programmatic media buying on over 200,000+ apps & mobile sites including display , rich media, video & native ads

Audience Re-Targeting

The leading mobile technology integrate with consumer intelligent. Target filtering by Interest, Geo-graphic, Keywords, Behavioral, Demographic, Day-Parting etc.

Engaging Ad Formats

Supports both HTML 5 technology & iAB banners enable optimization towards the engagement within rich media Ad that matters to target audience

Consumer Data & Insight

Audience targeting by proprietary Data & 3rd party data to make all precise ad exposure & reach right target audience

AXIS Mobile

Our Clients

Our Works

HSBC Premier

China Tourist Campaign


Mobile Location-based Service (LBS)

SKII Travel Retail

China Tourist Campaign

Cathay Pacific

HK7s Viral Video

SKII Hong Kong

China Tourists Campaign

UBS China

O2O New Customer Acquisition

Cow & Gate

China OTV Campaign

Western Union

Chinese XPat Media Activation

Unilever Food

B2B Viral Video


Always be the first mover of new media

Stop wasting media budget on HealthCare Campaigns

Audience segment of HealthCare is rare resource & even the media giants

  • 15 NOV, 2019

Give up the normal practice of audience targeting

Increase the chances of reaching the right audience by targeting users

  • 23 SEP, 2019

The No.1 Transit media of China

12306- The official booking platform for High Speed Railway up to 200 Million download

  • 18 JUN, 2019

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